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    If I am identified as a close contact to someone with COVID-19, must I quarantine? 

    April 5th, 2021

    Written By Nicole Armendariz

    Updated by Emily Heller on April 5th, 2021

    Yes. If your child has been identified as a “close contact” to a known case of COVID-19 they will need to begin quarantine immediately. Parents are asked to notify their schools or daycare/child care provider if their child is identified as a close contact.  


    Waukesha County Public Health supports the new quarantine guidelines announced on December 2, 2020 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The guidelines are available here. 


    Be advised, you will not be contacted by Public Health with regards to exposure. Close contacts may be notified by their school, daycare/child care provider, place of employment, or acquaintances. Anyone who is notified that they have been a close contact of a COVID-19 positive individual, even if the message does not come from Waukesha County Public Health, should immediately follow CDC guidelines for testing and quarantining. The guidelines are available here.

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