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    Is Waukesha County sending text messages of COVID-19 test results?

    Waukesha County Public Health Launches Text and Email Alerts to Assist with Contact Tracing Efforts. Patient Education Genius Software (PEG) will Streamline Contact Tracing Process

    Written By Lauren Splitt

    Updated by Linda Wickstrom on January 9th, 2022

    Waukesha County residents 18 - 70 years old whose positive test result for COVID-19 has been reported will receive either a text alert from Waukesha County Public Health or a phone call. 

    Text message notifications will come from the number 262-600-2255 (262-600-CALL). Residents can also call this phone number to be connected with the Waukesha County Public Health COVID Hotline. 

    The technology sends a text message to individuals aged 18 – 70 with a link to an online, confidential form to complete as part of the contact tracing process. Utilizing test messaging can reach people who are more likely to respond to a text rather than answer a phone call. Individuals who do not respond to the text message may receive a letter or phone call.

    Individuals who are older than 70 or 17 and younger, and who have a reported positive test result for COVID-19 will continue to receive follow-up phone calls by Waukesha County Public Health disease investigators. Public Health continues to monitor COVID-19 cases in our community, monitor outbreaks, and provide contact tracing.

    The text messages are hosted by Patient Education Genius (PEG), a healthcare technology company that specializes in mobile technology. Read information about PEG

    Why did Waukesha County Public Health send me a text message about my COVID-19 test result?

    • You received a text because your positive test for COVID-19 has been reported. Public Health is required to obtain certain information from individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19. The link within the text message will take you to a platform where you can view your test results, complete a COVID-19 questionnaire, and find links to helpful resources about COVID-19.

    How does Waukesha County Public Health get my phone number for text alerts?

    • The provider who completed your test shares your phone number with Public Health. The provider shares information on people with a reportable communicable disease in compliance with Wisconsin State Statute.  
    • Waukesha County will send you a text message if you provide a cell phone number.

    Do I have to install an app on my phone to respond?

    • No, simply click the link on your text to be taken to the PEG platform.

    Will the PEG system use any of my personal data from my phone or Cellular Provider?

    • No

    Does the PEG system track my location?

    • No

    Is it mandatory to respond to the PEG system messages?

    • It is voluntary to respond to the PEG messages. However, it is highly encouraged to participate in the survey to contribute to controlling the spread of the COVID-19.
    • If there is no response, you may receive a phone call or a letter from Public Health.
    • Individuals who do not wish to share any information with Public Heath have an option to select that they refuse to share information with Public Health.

    Who receives the information that I provide in the survey?

    • The information is put into a secure state database for communicable diseases. It is the same database that is used to report other communicable diseases. This database is called the Wisconsin Electronic Disease Surveillance System (WEDSS).
    • WEDSS is a secure, web-based system designed to facilitate reporting, investigation, and surveillance of communicable diseases in Wisconsin. It is designed for public health staff, infection control practitioners, clinical laboratories, clinics, and other disease reporters.

    What kind of questions will this survey ask?

    • You will be asked
      1. To verify your name and birthdate
      2. For your address
      3. About symptoms you have or had, if any
      4. When you first noticed your symptoms started
      5. If you were hospitalized for COVID-19
      6. If you attend or work at a school or daycare
      7. If you work at a group or congregate living facility
      8. If you received a COVID-19 vaccine
      9. If you traveled to county outside of the United States with in the last 30 days
      10. If you have known close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID in the 14 days before your illness started
      11. If you have a strong suspicion where/how you were exposed

    Why is Waukesha County using PEG instead of having a public health official contact me?

    • Individuals are more likely to respond to an online form than to answer a call from an unknown number. If you do not respond to the form, you may still receive a phone call or letter from Public Health.
    • The survey can be completed at a time convenient for you.
    • It is a cost-effective solution to COVID-19 follow up.

    Does it cost me anything to receive these text messages?

    • There is no cost associated with using the PEG platform. However, data and message rates may apply depending on your cellular plan. Please contact your cellular phone carrier for questions regarding these types of fees.

    I am uncomfortable responding to the text survey. What phone number can I call instead? 

    • Contact the Waukesha County Public Health COVID Hotline at 262-896-8430 to request to complete the form with a person.

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