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    List of IT Coordinators

    November 16th, 2021

    Written By Rick Mcmillin

    Updated by Rick Mcmillin on November 16th, 2021

    Here are the list of identified IT Coordinators by department:

    • Britan Smith
    • Matthew Kuhn
    Circuit Court
    • Zack Tremaine
    Corporation Counsel
    • Marlene Mikesell
    County Board
    • Sarah Spaeth
    County Clerk
    • Kelly Yaeger
    County Executive
    • Kristen Bendlin
    District Attorney
    • Jennifer Dunn
    • Julie Moelter
    Emergency Preparedness
    • Gail Goodchild
    • Steve Milner
    Family Court Services
    • Shari D'Acquisto
    Federated Library
    • Mellanie Mercier
    Health & Human Services
    • Sarah Kenney
    • Sandra Masker
    Medical Examiner
    • Nicole Bauer
    Parks & Land Use
    • Cheryl Gabert
    Public Works
    • Anthony Di Frances
    Register of Deeds
    • Robert Dunn
    • Amy Haas
    • Lisa Zielke
    • Theresa Schultz
    University of Wisconsin-Extension

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