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    Power Automate - Transfer or save files to UNC shares

    December 22nd, 2021

    Written By Ryan Brown

    Updated by Ryan Brown on December 22nd, 2021


    If you have files in the cloud you want written to a UNC drive via Power Automate

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    Saving files from a cloud flow to a UNC path with the Power Automate "File System" "Create File" action requires a connector that uses the on-prem gateway.  Currently there is only one, WC-PbiGateway-01  Here is that process:

    1. In PA create your action:

    2. PA will prompt you to create or select a connection, and after the fact you can view and modify this from the ... menu:

    3. You can view and modify or create a connection from the data menu, note the format of the username MUST be like below:

    4. There is no configuration update on the gateway, or at least none was required for this transfer.

    5. Take a look at file permissions after the fact, in this case the service account used to create the file is the only one with rights to it.

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