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    Where can I get a COVID-19 vaccine/booster?

    June 28th, 2022

    Written By Linda Wickstrom

    Updated by Linda Wickstrom on June 28th, 2022

    Getting a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible is the best defense against COVID-19. Getting vaccinated helps prevent severe disease, hospitalization, death, and slows the spread of the disease.

    Visit vaccines.gov to find the right COVID-19 vaccine for you. This is a free service to locate a specific COVID-19 vaccine provider. Select the brand you wish to receive and enter your zip code. You can also text your zip code to 438829 to receive a list of locations near you.

    View additional information from the CDC about Vaccines for Children and Teens.

    Waukesha County residents without an email address or without access to the internet are encouraged to phone Waukesha County Public Health at (262) 896-8430. Do you know someone without access to the internet? Please share this phone number with them.

    Homebound individuals seeking access to vaccine/boosters can contact our vaccine community partners: Village Primary Care at 262-875-4892 and Hayat Pharmacy at 414-269-2530.

    Read more about the benefits of the COVID-19 Vaccine here.

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