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    How To Connect Using VPN

    May 6th, 2022

    Written By Rick Mcmillin

    Updated by Fue Yang on May 6th, 2022


    The Cisco VPN client allows employees to connect to the Waukesha County network while working out of the office. It should be available on all Waukesha County laptops. If the VPN client is not installed on your laptop, please call the Help Desk at 262-548-7630 for assistance.


    Before connecting to VPN, make sure you have logged into the computer and have a network connection.

    Logging into the computer

    Log into the computer as you normally would in the office. You may receive some errors upon logging in as you do not have a Waukesha County network connection. These are normal errors. If you are planning on using VPN on a check-out/floating laptop that you do not log into on a regular basis, it is highly recommended you log into the laptop while on the Waukesha County network before leaving the office. This will make sure that your laptop has stored your most recent network password.

    *Note* - If your network password is about to expire it is recommended that you change it before attempting to VPN into the network as this can cause complications

    Connecting to the internet

    Before you can connect to VPN you must make sure that you establish an internet connection. This can be done either by using a wired or wireless connection. When accessing the internet at a public location (Hotel, Starbucks, etc) you usually have to agree to their terms of service before a connection will be allowed. To do this open up a web browser, usually the terms of service page will appear. If not attempt to navigate to any website; www.amazon.com, www.yahoo.com, etc.

    It is always a good idea to verify that you can get to websites before attempting to connect to VPN as this guarantees that you have an internet connection.

    Connecting to VPN

    Once you have logged into the computer and established an internet connection you are ready to connect to VPN. To connect to VPN follow the steps below.

    1. Locate and launch the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client

      1. This could be a shortcut on the desktop, or it may appear under Start -> Programs

    1. The Cisco client should launch

      1. If this is your first time signing into VPN on the computer the server address field will appear blank. The server name is: asa.waukeshacounty.gov

        1. *Note* - the server name is case sensitive and should be entered in all lower case

    1. Click Connect

    1. Enter in your email address and password at the login prompt. 

      1. Enter email address and hit next

      2. Enter password and hit next

      3. The client will automatically check for and download any necessary updates

    1. Some updates require a computer reboot. If this is the case reboot your computer and follow the instructions above

    1. Once you have successfully connected to VPN you will receive a message on your screen

    1. If you want to verify you have your VPN connection, the Cisco icon will show a closed lock in the taskbar tray (next to the clock). The closed lock indicates you still have a connection

    Technical Support

    If you are having problems connecting to VPN call the helpdesk at 262-548-7630. They are available 24 x 7 x 365.

    Any disruption to internet connectivity or need to renew terms of service will break the VPN connection. You must fix the issue and then reconnect to VPN.

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