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    How To Share Your Work Calendar With Your Personal Account

    November 12th, 2021

    Written By Rick Mcmillin

    Updated by Rick Mcmillin on November 12th, 2021


    Waukesha County employs the use of mobile application management on iOS/iPadOS and Android devices for the purpose of protecting and securing county data. As a result of this strategy and policy, only managed applications are allowed to sign in and access county data. This means the use of native mail, calendar, and contacts apps from Apple and Google is restricted and employees will not be allowed to sign in to those apps with their Waukesha County credentials. Instead, the Outlook mobile app is required in order to manage your mail, calendar, and contacts on an iOS/iPadOS or Android device.

    We recognize, however, that employees often manage separate personal calendars in addition to their work calendar, and it can be beneficial to view those separate calendars side by side. For that reason, below are instructions for how to share your work calendar with your personal account, allowing you to view it in the native calendar app you may be using to manage your personal calendar.



    • The calendar subscription will be a read only copy of your work calendar. To create new appointments or modify existing appointments, you will need to use the calendar functionality in the Outlook mobile app.
    • Only the meeting subject, date and time details, and location will be synched. The body, meeting participants, etc. will not be synched.
    • Alternatively, you may sign in to your iCloud, Google, Hotmail, or other personal accounts in the Outlook mobile app and use it to view and manage your personal calendar alongside your work calendar, as well as your personal email and contacts.

    How To Share Your Calendar

    1. Launch the Outlook Web App by navigating to https://outlook.office365.com and signing in with your county credentials if prompted.

    2. Click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner, then click on View all Outlook settings in the lower right corner.

    3. Click on Calendar in the first column of the Settings window, then Shared calendars in the second column.

    4. Under Share a calendar, in the Select a calendar drop down menu, select your work calendar.

    5. In the Sharing and permissions window, enter your personal email address and hit Enter.

    6. In the drop down menu next to your personal email address, select Can view titles and locations then click the Share button.

    7. You should now have an email in your personal email account from your work email account with "You're invited to share this calendar" as the subject. In the email, near the bottom, you'll see the following paragraph:

      Having trouble viewing the calendar? Try adding an Internet calendar and providing this URL.

      Click on "this URL". Your native calendar app should open, allowing you to subscribe to your work calendar.

      For more information on managing calendar subscriptions using native calendar apps on iPhone, iPad, or Android devices, please refer to support guides from Apple or Google.

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